Paws N Art is an activity for paws and people! The purpose of these art creations is to have fun while creating a special artsy bond with your pet and to promote the well-being of animals and our community through art, creativity, and love.

We believe community is essential and we are created for companionship.

Please contact us if you are interested in painting with Paws N Art.

Skip’s Story

Skip, a soft coat wheaten terrier, born October 2007 adopted and befriended a new mom/guardian in February 2008.

In 2009 Skip’s mom began learning about different painting forms to cope with some anxiety/panic as she working through a complicated grieving process after losing some close family members: her youngest brother, her grandfather, her step-father and she also went through a divorce all within a 3 year span. The following is Skip’s story:

“This day started out like all the others: mom arose from bed, got dressed, fed me, brief walk for me to do my doggy business and then she left leaving me in charge of house watching. What was different about this day was that she arrived home carrying bags containing pretty colors: red, yellow, green, blue, etc.

I don’t know about your mom but mine will start on a task and get distracted hence she will usually come back around to what she started. Needless to say I was curious about these colors she was unpacking from her bags but I had to wait it out til she had unpacked these goodies. The other objects she had purchased I learned later were canvas panels and an easel. My tail was waggin’ with enthusiasm!

Skips : Ambassador

As I watched over my mom, she seemed to be struggling with her paints but I stayed close to her to show support in her colorful adventure. After some time had passed she looked down at me and smiled at me and said “Would you like to paint too?” “Who would be in their right mind to think a dog could paint?” were my first thoughts but then she went on to explain that I could paint with her and it would be “paw”tastic fun!

Panting, I watched her call her friends, who were my friends because they had dogs too, and make arrangements with them to have a paint up party.

It was a weekend in mid August; we all got together, Cleo and Michelle, Lucy and Julie, and me and my mom to play with colorful paints. It was so awesome…there were colors everywhere. My mom put paints on the tarp that I walked through the paint and with guidance of my leash I walked across a canvas panel which is now a framed masterpiece! As I recall, I painted not only the canvas but the driveway which ended up looking like Doggie Rainbow Bridge or in your terms “Heaven”! Since then my mom and I have been creating “Paint Up” fun.”

Presently, Skip watches out for his mom and he continues his hobby of making life more colorful with his artful paws, creativity and love. He would like to share his hobby by providing “Paint Up” kits for you and your mom or dad!